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2015 Calendar

calendarWe are a commercial calendar company based in Johannesburg. We design and print calendars for corporate and non-corporate clients. Our clients range from companies, government, schools and individual clients.

Our calendars for 2015 are already in production.
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If you are looking for different, original designed calendars… you have reached the best! We have a diverse range of calendar designs to choose from. Furthermore, we custom design the calendars on request. We can brand a client’s calendar by putting a company’s logo, address, contact details and company information on the calendar. We do everything from inception to printing of the calendars!

Printed Calendars are one of the most effective and inexpensive forms of advertising, marketing and brand communication. Almost every person whether at home or in the office consults a calendar on a daily basis.

printed calendar exampleCalendars are effective in that they can be used as corporate gifts.

Many companies market their services by giving their branded print calendars to:
• Existing or previous clients at the beginning of the year so it can serve as a constant reminder of the company’s service
• Clients as a thank you gift after an event
• Customers after a purchase
• Charity organisations as part of their annual charity work
• Places where their target market can be easily found


Printed Calendars are also quite effective in schools as they serve as reminders for teachers, parents and students of school terms.


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